The Unfinished Painting Of Eden


March 1999,
Rome, Italy.

Peter was very excited for his exhibition. His work has started to be recognized by the higher class and those who had an eye for art. He was one of the most promising Italian painters who was all of 26, Tall, Brawny, handsome and he always had his way with the women. There wasn’t a single muse of his whom he didn’t before of after he painted them on the canvas. He was a play boy all his life & had no regrets what so ever. But tonight his eye was on a very elusive fish, Her name was Eden.

Eden was his best friend Luke’s Wife.

Peter always thought Luke had got lucky. He wasn’t a guy handsome enough to have a wife as gorgeous as Eden, He was Just at the right place at the right time. Luke had started to work at Eden’s fathers place and quickly made his way through the ranks to become his partner at the firm. Her father was so Impressed with Luke that he not only gave the reigns of his firm in Luke’s hand but he also married his only daughter to him, Even though Luke was 9 years younger to Eden.
At 25, Luke was one of the most Successful Businessman In Rome who had managed to expand his father in laws business to all parts of the world. Needless to say he was a very busy man. There were times when Luke would leave Eden alone for days, For once such Instance, Luke had to leave Eden alone at the table in middle of a dinner with Peter and his younger sister Helen.
Rumors were making rounds that Eden wasn’t stuck in a fruitless marriage with a grotesque man who only loved his work. She had become Luke’s Trophy for she was Ignored by a man who Peter though had no eye for beauty. Eden was one of the most beautiful women he had seen. Lately, both Peter and Eden has started spending a lot of time together due to Luke’s absence and had grown very close to each other. Peter has started to Fantasize about Eden and since the last few weeks she was responding well to his flirtatious moves.
Peter had got Helen to help him on his Exhibition and if things went to plan, Helen would take care of it while he would walk away with Eden and personally take care of her needs.

The Unfinished Painting Of Eden

The Night Sure was going to the plan, Peter was at Luke’s House with his wife and Helen was taking care of the exhibition. Eden herself had loved art and Paintings and after watching Peter’s exhibition she Invited him to see her personal collection back home to which Peter had agreed gleefully. All the servants were given the night off and made sure that they were alone and not disturbed by anyone. She was playing the game equally well & The ball had landed in her court the moment she knew that Luke had to travel to London for a Business meeting that would keep him busy for 2-3 days. She had made sure of that By calling Luke at his Hotel an hour after his flight had landed.

She took Peter to her Private Art room and Showed him her own collection and by the looks of it Peter was mighty Impressed. She led the way and herself showed every single piece of art in that room to him. But Peter’s Mind kept wandering from the paintings to her Body. He didn’t want to wonder what was concealed beneath her little skirt, probably sleek thighs, surrounded by garters In a design that could have driven any man mad along with a thong that would reveal more than it could hide. And beneath that.. The More he though the more he felt rocket fuel being Injected in his veins. But his thought process was Interrupted by Eden’s Voice.

“You OK Peter?” She asked.

“Oh yes! Just lost In Admiration. Back at the Exhibition you said, You wanted something from me. I was just wondering what would that be?” He Snapped back.

She smiled wickedly at him and replied, “You are by far the best Painter I know Pete. So, I wanted you to paint me a Painting of myself which would be unlike any other painting. Something different and Unique.”

“I would love to paint you, Showcasing your entire beauty. Where would want it? I’ll have to get some colors and canvas for it then.”

“I want it to be painted by the fire place in my bed room, The canvas & colors have already been place. I hope that is OK?” She asked him with that electrifying smile.

“Oh that’s no problem for me, Do lead the way lady” Peter Replied. He was going to make sure that he would score the most amazing painting In his life and the woman he was about to paint tonight.
Peter watched her walk ahead, He watched the sway of those curvy hips and did his best no to touch her lustrous body. All He wanted was to pull her towards him and do things that he had only been fantasizing about But he kept taming the animal within for the right moment.
They reached her bedroom and Peter saw a canvas along with a array of colors placed, He Placed canvas onto the holder and asked her how did she want her painting.

She moved smoothly towards him and brushed his cheek with the back of her fingers. She Smiled and said, “If you have to showcase my beauty then you’ll have to watch it at its entire glory”

His eyes were fixed on her as she walked away and pushed some buttons on the high-tech music player and suddenly music pounded through the speakers, blaring with a naughty beat, every note trying to set the demon within free to sin with no boundaries.
She’d piled her straight platinum hair into some wild arrangement on top of her head and donned a sequined bolero jacket in red. He was dying to see what she wore underneath. The way she moved was an invitation . . . and a promise. She Glided her fingers between her legs as she tossed her head back as if she was in utter ecstasy. She released her hair which hugged her shoulders, clung to her firm assets and flirted with her waistline. More blood started to rush through peter’s body who has started to sketch the surroundings near the fire place. The spaghetti strap of her dress was falling over and she helped it by taking the entire thing off. Her soft fingers teased his sight by running all over her body while she tried to cover her assets with one of her hands. Her hands swept up her undulating hips, gathering the skirt with them. She tugged at the little black garment, and it fluttered to the floor. The Visual temptation of her bare flesh was taunting Peter. And with one final movement, Eden took off the final piece of robe that was Imprisoning the beauty of her body.

Peter’s lust was burning and wanted to break free but being an artist he had a work on hands. He Tried to concentrate and Paint as much. He worked faster, as faster as he could to sketch Eden at the fire place But then she said the words that unleashed the monster of lust within him.
“Take me to be and make love to me right now” She said, The fire was burning equally on both sides.
He took her to bed, She put her hands in his hair and pulled him close. Their mouths met in a rush, a gasp, a melding of lips, a moan. Instinct guided her to wrap her legs around him. He kissed every bit of her with the same intimate passion. He Kissed & bit her firm assets while making circles with his fingers on her belly and then slowly went down on her to send ripples in her body until she was ready enough to return the favor that made him moan.
For weeks he had fantasized about doing things to her and this was the night where all of his fantasies were coming true. He pinned her body beneath him as she pulled him closer when he merged his body with hers. Her moans cheered him up to build up a rhythm at a steadily increasing pace at which he kept thrusting her. Like an animal he ravaged her body. For him she only wasn’t a goddess by name but she was one by her body and in bed as well.

They were still in bed pleasing each other and in the mixture of loud music and her moans they didn’t hear the footsteps in the house nor did they hear the creaking of the door as it opened. A few loud noises was all they heard as they felt more pain than pleasure in their body in the next few seconds.
They lie in a pool of blood, lifeless, on top of each other in a night which should have been a Night of guiltless lust which rather became the last night of their lives.
The House keeper found their bodies in the morning, Police was called. Luke arrived later that evening after being summoned. The world has seen one of the most high profile homicides where a Rich Tycoon’s unfaithful wife was murdered in bed with her lover who also happened to be her husbands best friend. But the Motive was robbery, The thieves had taken away all the things that would be costing a fortune. Eden’s private collection which was worth millions was gone and so was gone the painting that peter had started to paint of Eden.


6 Years Later,

She had slept in peace after a long love making session only to be woken up by the morning sun. She checked and he was no where around but she had an Idea where he would be. She pulled the sheets off and wrapped a satin gown around herself, She walked downstairs to the basement and opened the cupboard that was placed right between the Huge book shelf that occupied the rest of the wall and walked right Into it. The Cupboard was a door to a hidden secret room.
He sat there on the table with a gun in front of him.

“I thought we were trying to start a family, Never knew the gun would be helpful in the process” She said mockingly.

“I just wanted to have a different surrounding when the next time I try doing it and this was the only place which was till to be tried” Luke Joked.

Helen laughed as Luke pulled her close and ripped off her satin gown.

“Are you sure you want to do it with so many pieces of art looking down at you?” She inquired controlling her laughter.

“Well I thought, I’d let all the art pieces know why they are here, So yes.” He answered sarcastically & started making love to Helen.

There never was a robbery at the night when Peter and Eden were killed or rather murdered. Luke and Helen were in love ever since they met and they had planned it for years for them to be together along with a safe and secure future.
No one had ever doubted Helen and Luke falling in love the only roadblock was Luke’s wife and Helen’s Brother. They on purpose planned to leave Eden and Peter together on a number of occasions so that they could grow close. Knowing Eden was thirsty for some Intimacy Luke knew Peter would give in to his lust and go for her. So Luke had funded the exhibition for Peter that night and flown out to London with an excuse to attend a meeting.
Money could buy almost anything and Luke had managed himself a British passport which helped his cause. He took a 3hr flight from to London on his original passport, Checked in his hotel and called Eden to put her doubts to rest and then had checked out. He used his British passport to catch a flight back to Rome by the Night. Helen meanwhile managed the Entire exhibition which gave Peter a chance to walk away with Eden. Later that night Helen Joined Luke at his house where they killed Luke and Eden. They managed to carefully take out and hide all the art pieces from Eden’s private art collection along with Peter’s unfinished painting to make it look like a robbery. Luke then went back to London on his British passport and came back on his original one only when he was summoned after the murder.

People have done crazy things for Love But then they say Everything is Fair in love and war.

Luke married Helen 4 years later and now they both made love to each other in a room where the Unfinished painting of Eden would lay for the rest of eternity..