The Hidden Letter – Part I


Vienna, 1952.

Dearly Beloved,

                                 I’m Patricia Wyman, Writing this letter, aged 19 when I write this letter. If its anytime found and read then your now a keeper of my secret. A secret that I never plan to reveal to anyone in my life time. I have fallen in love. It might sound very simple and pleasant to you and something which wont seem like a secret but unfortunately its the other way round, Its the bitter truth for me. Yes, I have met the love of my life & fallen in love but I chose to walk away from him tomorrow…
Lorenzo, the one I love, has asked me to elope with him and get married, have a life here. But I cant, Since I have a family back in London to where I head back early tomorrow, whom I can’t disappoint. He will be waiting for me near the same old tree and I will have to break his heart. I wish he finds someone who values his love more than me, I wish he one day gets the love he deserves.
For me he shall always be the one, I take back with me a lifetime of love, his memories and happily, a piece of him within me.
I have made a decision that I am sure to regret my entire life & I might lead a life thinking about two words “What If..”
Those two words have the power to haunt a person for the rest of their lives, So if you ever doubt your love and god forbidden if you ever stand stand at the very cross road as I do now, Ask yourself the same question, “What if?” think about the question and then close your eyes, If you see a face after you close your eyes then make a promise to yourself to chase than person, fight against all odds to be with that very person.
Life is Nothing without love and Love is all you live for.


The Hidden Letter


“Adrian Wyman, Are you even listening to what I am saying to you” Kayla Screamed and It was My cue, without second thoughts I killed the call. She has always been that way, trying to put herself and her feeling in words & I was always the one to speak less and put my feelings in actions. We knew each other virtually forever, being childhood friends but even then she is the one who seems to be the mature one while I can act like a Sarcastic teenager without much efforts.
My head has started to burst with thoughts as I looked outside the window from my grandma’s room. As a kid I had spent a lot of time there & I still do even when Its a good couple of years when she had passed away. She was a beautiful lady, kindhearted and as some would say, A woman who lived in love. The word love always brought thoughts of Kayla back to my mind, In a way she was just like gramps but a different upbeat version I have to say honestly. Things between me and Kayla were going downhill, It was months since I had seen her & Mobile calls were my only respite. That’s how relationships in modern days are, I said to myself but to be honest, given her schedule, her family Issues and Mines, In one whole year of relationship I had never managed to take her out to an official date, despite flooding her with a gift too many.
Everytime something went wrong in my life I used to remember what gramps used to say, “Surrender to the almighty, Let him hear your prayers and secrets & he will find a way for you”. Yes, Gramps had Immense faith in god. But to my curiosity as I checked her bookshelf, the only book which looked untouched was her only copy of the Bible. I wasted no time to bring the book to Gramps study table and open it. Everything was the same but why was it untouched and unused? I ran my fingers through the covers and found the surface to be uneven, So I opened the cover which protected the cardboard holding the book & between it I found a rather old handwritten letter.

I couldn’t handle my curiosity when I saw Gramp’s name on it & I spent the next hour reading and understanding the letter. I found everything I had heard about her was the utter truth, She was a woman of secrets who lived in love. She was 19 and on a Summer tour of Vienna when she fell in love with Lorenzo who was a ordinary farmers son. Gramps succumbed to the pressure of her family and to protect their name she broke her own heart and headed back to London the day Lorenzo wanted to run away with her & a year later she gave birth to her love son who is my father now. It always was to be kept a secret and I had always thought My grandfather had died soon after he had married gramp’s but it wasn’t to be the truth. Gramp’s had never married or loved someone other than Lorenzo, She just lived a life without him with his love in her heart.

The Letter spoke highly of love, She mentioned it to be the best feeling ever. In a way I felt connected to her more than I ever way, In a way I was standing at the same crossroads she once was. Kayla and Me were never going to make the distance, Yet she was the one who gave the word Love its meaning in my life. I followed to the way gramps had lead me and thought about Kayla, What if she is the one? What if I never get to be with her? What If I never get to Hold her, to see her smile, to cry a river or for the matter even fight with me. With that feeling burning inside me I closed my eye, I saw the open near the family cottage my dad had built outside the city, I felt the wind and then right there beneath a hundred brightly glowing lights, I saw her stand there. Her Radiant face was decorated by a vibrant smile that always made may day and In that very moment I knew, I had the answers to my question.

I smiled to myself and walked to a picture of Gramps in her early 20’s that hung on the wall. She had always been protective of me, always showing me the way and even today, years after she had passed away, she still managed to do that. The feeling of love that once burnt in her was born in me too & I felt the need to confess it. So I decided to sketch a plan and for the very first time Ask Kayla out for a date. The only problem was she must be fuming with anger now..

I decided to call her anyways. “What the hell do you want now?” He ferociously replied after answering my call.

I didn’t give her a second chance to hit back and I asked her “Would you like to go Out on a Date with me, Kayla?” 

The Anger in her voice had extinguished and had been replaced with surprise. I could even feel the Smile on her face.

“Get dressed in something that’s a little less beautiful than you and be ready by 8pm, I’ll Pick you Up myself.” I said and hung up. I had to get going myself to get some preparations of the big Date done on time.

To Be Continued….


8 thoughts on “The Hidden Letter – Part I

  1. I must say, ur imagination is incerdible man! The beginning is marvellous, no doubt , while the End somewhat relates to the idea of inheritance, which makes it more natural. Loved ur extra-ordinary way of narration n characterisation.

  2. How? Just how did you manage to keep this so water tight. Thank GOD since I’m late in reading this the sequel is ready else would’ve killed you 🙂 Excellent stuff bro 🙂

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