I feel Blessed…

Its been a while since I have wrote anything but fiction.

But this post is special, Its more of a tribute to two of my closest friends who have been by my side in the last year. Who have accepted me the way I am, Who have given me an opportunity to smile, to share their laughter.

Today I write a tribute to two such women, who have been more then my friends, They have been my balm, my escape from a sullen world.

February has been special to me, always, until February took back all the reasons it was special for. But then last year I found that there will be more to this very day that just the memories and scars of battle.

I’ve been celebrating the 4th of February for the last 10-12 years or so, last two years without the one who made it special. But this year I’ll celebrate this for one more reason.

On this very day, last year, I met not one but two of my beloved friends. And this post is a tribute to both of those amazing ladies to let them know how special they are and how blessed I feel to have them around.

Let me Introduce the first of the two, Since I haven’t asked her permission before writing this post I wont be writing her name in but then let her just call her “Sunshine”.


As her name suggests, she is the sunshine who hits the world and does all but brighten everyone around. She loves Sports and like I recently mentioned her, she is my favorite person to discuss football with. No points for guessing, we both support Manchester City in the EPL.
If there was any doubts that women don’t watch sports or cant follow it then my dear “Sunshine” is the one who shall no doubt not only prove you wrong, she’ll make you feel sorry that you even thought anything like that in the first place.

I cant recall of her not knowing bout anything about any particular sport, She watches F1, Soccer, Tennis and not to forget cricket (I might have missed adding a few more to the list but do forgive me for that).

But that’s not the end of things, She works in a very creative field and as far as I know she is good at it, real good I mean. There is more, apart from working lion heartedly in the corporate world winning hearts & accolades (which she has I am sure) she also writes amazingly well.

She is not the kind of writer who write blogs about personal self, typo filled fiction genre (Which I believe is my forte) or even reviews of sports and other kinds, Instead her posts are very very Informative and I feel that they always exclude positivity.

Do read her blogs at http://www.archdelhi.blogspot.in

From a few of you who has seen her on twitter and to all those who haven’t known her at all, I should tell you even though she appears to be a very happy go lucky lady, there’s more to what meets the eye.

Since I’ve had an opportunity to know her from close quarters in real life, In a few words I’ll describe her as a real fighter, an optimist and a real friend.

Now let me introduce you to the other lady who blessed my existence by meeting me on this very day.

She is called Lady Gryffindor. Do I need to say more?

Yes an very ardent harry potter fan, she also is a member of the famous “Griffindor group at Hogwarts”

Lady Gryffindor

Since I’ve met her we have grown to become dear friends. She is one of the very few people who I feel very comfortable around. Till date I’ve never felt the need to Impress her (Not because she is out of my league) because she just lets me be me and accepts me for my flaws (Which if written in a list, it would stretch to a few kilometers).

Best part about her is, she is very honest, down to earth and really understanding. And I know all this because we have fought like two kids over a bar of candy on loads of issues. She is one of the few people along whom I can discuss a million topics at once and still not lose track of any single one of them. Although a tad younger than me she is one of the sanest people I have come across, whose advices I actually take seriously.

Let me tell you a little more about my dear Lady Griffindor (Or the 8th Horcrux as she calls herself), She is a very hardworking Physiotherapist during the day and from evening to dawn of another day she dons the mantle of being the loving daughter, caring sister, the very unselfish friend and for a few selected the very naughty mischief monger kid who just doesn’t want to grow up.

And Just like my beloved Sunshine, She knows her sports well. A huge fan of sir dravid (just like me) she is a follower of Roger Federer as well.

Let me not miss out on telling, She makes the best chicken ever! And I mean ever.. I’d just do anything to eat it when she cooks & yes this is a confession to all.

Since I am confessing let me confess more, I absolutely love fighting with her cause she lets me be the kid I always wanted to be.  Never judges even when I flirt with a million girls (To which I should also confess on being a flirt) and always is there when I need.

In a few words If I could describe her, I’d say, Lips like petals and Eyes like Orbs, spreading happiness with smiles is my lady Gryffindor.

I could actually go on and on telling loads of amazing things about you two but then I’d like to say a few things from my the bottom of my heart.

Thank you so much both of you for being there when I needed, Thank you so much for all the things you’ve done for me. Thank you so much for coming into my life as the dearest of my friends.

I might not be around all the time, I promise I’ll always have ya back and both of you will find me whenever you need me.

Needless to say, I feel Blessed to have you both In My life.

PS- If anyone reading this post is on Twitter do follow the two pretty ladies, They are absolutely worth it.