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For a good part of the year, I have been having reader from all parts of the globe and I’d like to thank you all for reading my posts. I am glad that you all have enjoyed what I write. Some of you have been curious to know a bit of me and so I am here to let you know some Insights on me.

The Man behind the Mask

Born On the 29th of June 1987 I am In my Mid-twenties,And yet a veteran of life.  A man of lot of words, who some how manages to not follow them at all.  Love writing my heart out & a little bit of a philander In Nature. That’s how I’d put myself in two lines If I ever had to.

I’ve lived in the central suburbs of Bombay all my life & yes I am one of those few who still call it Bombay instead of Mumbai. I was never good at studies but somehow I managed to clear out my bachelors in computers in 2008 and that too with a first class. And just when everyone thought that was all I could manage academically, I surprised them by completing my masters earlier this year (2012) with dual specializations in Marketing and International Trade.

Currently I am working as a Business Development Manager in a Small Software firm in Bombay and writing just a way to soothe my heart. But with that I promise I wont be doing this all the time and things shall change sooner or later and for the better.


Apart from writing, I enjoy playing Cricket and soccer. I have always said Cricket is my first love and I the people close to me know how much I love the Sport and the stats that come along. I am not the Best when it comes to Cricket stats but I’d say I am better than the rest who have little Idea of what the stats mean.
I have played the sport since I was 14 and till date I have enjoyed every minute spend on the park, whether doing bowling, batting or Fielding. I am a right handed top order batsmen with Technique and style that resembles closely to Rahul Dravid’s. Needless to say I am a Huge Fan of him. As a Bowler I am right arm medium fast who loves bowling at the death and 2 of my favorite deliveries would be the yorker and the slower ball. Im not bad with the ball but I do have memories of being tonked all over the park too, Loads of them actually. My second love in terms of sports would be soccer, I only manage as much time to follow it on the Internet these days.

I am a avid gamer and In my free time I love playing on my computer, So be it Prince of Persia, Need for Speed Series or Counter strike I have played them all. But personally, I love playing Max payne, FIFA and counter strike a lot.

I love cooking too, I have been doing that for years now. I can proudly say that I can cook myself an healthy and edible meal. If I had to make a meal for the Night I’d choose to make Oyster curry and Prawns to go with the rice. But I am a Huge foodie so most of the time I do the eating instead of the cooking. I experiment a lot with my food so be it Chinese, Continental, Mediterranean or any kinds of western cuisine I’d give it a go.  And in times of need I stick to what I love the most.
I totally love eating Chicken and can eat it all the time.
My Favorite chef’s would be Curtis Stone, Chuck Huges, Roger Mooking and the Gorgeous Nigella Lawson.

The Dream

I want to work towards being an entrepreneur, Maybe start a restaurant of my own since I dont want to continue working for someone else all my life. I also want to donate a certain amount of my surplus income to the less fortunate in the years to come.
And Most importantly, I want to take up writing full time and be a published author.

My Favorite Authors and Books

The Murder Artist By John Case was the first book I ever read hence I’ll start with it followed by, PS. I love you by Cecelia Ahern, Love Story By Erich Segal, Sam’s Letters to Jennifer by James Patterson in the Romance genre & to top the heap it would be all books by Nicolas Sparks.
And In the Thrillers I love Robert Langdon series by Dan brown, The Bourne series by Robert Ludlum, Sight Unseen by Robert Goddard, Brandenburg gate by James Porter, Harry Bosch series by Michael Conolley, Selected works from John Grisham, Stephen King, Jeffrey Archer and a certain Book titled Night Train to Lisbon by Emily Grayson.

My Favorite self written Blogs

My most Favorite would be the Loner which I have written 2 years ago and not many have read till date,Followed by Its a Fairy tale. But A walk Back In Time Part -II  is more close to my heart since its a Real story of someone really close to me and Lastly It would be my recently written Blogs The Unfinished painting of Eden and The Anniversary.


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