The Hidden Letter – Part II


Kayla Thomas,

I step out of the house in my floor-length, champagne coloured gown he bought me. He is standing by the hood of his car. I don’t understand how he manages to look like freaking ‘Adonis’ even in his casual worn out jeans, a black t-shirt and that brown leather jacket. Not wanting to seem like an idiot on our first date, I step forward but, being the klutz that I sometimes am, I trip. Closing my eyes, I wait for the impact but all I feel is a strong set of arms holding me. How I manage to trip on the smooth cement surface, is out of my grasp! I looked up to his shaking profile. Yes, the jerk was trying to hold back his laughter. I narrowed my eyes at him and he seemed to sober up. A little.

Straightening me up, he whispered,“Kayla, you look beautiful tonight.” That made me blush. I groaned internally and wondered, what was wrong with me, since it’s very rare to see me blushing. But then, what on earth is right , when it comes to me, these days? The proof is standing right before me. My childhood best friend. The guy I fell in love with. He took my hand, breaking my chain of thoughts and led me to the car. Opening my door, he ushered me in but, I stood gaping at him. He never was a gentleman, not to me at least. Suddenly, I got this mischievous glint in my eyes, which made him take a step back, uncertainly. He knew me well. Smirking up at him, I asked, “Being chivalrous today, are we?” That made him blush. Wait! What? Blush! He was blushing! I blinked, unable to believe my eyes. I’d never in the past 17 years seen him blush. Never! And just as the thought crossed my mind, I burst out laughing. He narrowed his eyes on me and shut the door hotly, muttering under his breath, which made me laugh even harder.

I was still laughing, when he gunned the engine but, when I caught him looking at me with an unreadable expression, I frowned. “What?” I blurted. He just shook his head and started moving, again muttering under his breath.
After a while of comfortable silence, I realized, I didn’t know where we were headed to. As if on cue, he turned left on to the highway, away from the city. “Where are we going, Adrian? I didn’t know we were going out of the city.”
He smiled at me, making my heart beat faster than normal, “You’ll know soon, Kay.”
“You know I hate surprises!” I whined.
He chuckled, shaking his head, “Chill your ass, fiesty one.”
I glared at him.
Laughing he said, “Chill, you’ll love it. Promise!”
Soon, he was pulling over and I couldn’t help but blurt out the words that came next, “Planning to rape me or murder?” There was nobody in the surroundings. In fact, I bet there’d be no human for a couple of miles. He started laughing again, ticking me off so, I smacked the back of his head. Hard.
“Ow, being violent, are we?”
But seeing my glare, he hurried, “C’mon Kay, let’s just go!”

He held out his arm for me, just like a gentleman and this time, instead of making fun of him, I just grabbed it and smiled. We walked for a while, when he stopped me and ordered me to close my eyes. I looked up at him incredulously, but when he gave me a reassuring smile, I complied. We walked for about 2 more minutes, him leading me with my eyes closed, when he stopped me, yet again and asked me to open my eyes. When I did, what I saw made me stand there with my mouth hanging open.
The clearing was decorated with fairy lights. There was soft music playing from a small record and in the middle of the clearing was a plaid cloth, laid neatly. Besides it, sat a picnic basket. Still somewhat shocked and surprised, I heard Adrian laugh besides me, probably laughing at my reaction. But his laugh seemed to pull me out of my daze. I ran to him and hugged him with all of my might. Willing my tears, that were about to spill, to stop and not trusting my voice, I whispered, “Thank you!”
But, what I got in response was something I did not expect. Holding me at arm’s length, he said, “I love you,” his voice barely above a whisper. With that he pulled into a deep kiss.


London, 2017.

I woke up to an annoying noise that gave me a headache almost immediately. I realized it was someone pounding on my door. I frowned and looked around to see where Adrian was, when it all came crashing back to me. I jumped out of the bed and ran to the door, unlocking it to see my Mom standing there, “Jeez, Mom give me a break!” I whined. Mom laughed,“Sweetie, it’s quarter past 10, I wouldn’t mind you sleeping in had it not been for that crazy fiance of your’s. He has called thrice in the past half an hour to see if you’re up yet.” I groaned and she smiled before adding,“Hurry up, baby girl. Go take a shower and I’ll fix you a breakfast. The appointment is scheduled at half past 11.” I nodded and headed for a shower.

“Hey sweetie!” Mom chirped, kissing my cheek. “Hey Mom!” She nodded towards the dining table where she’d fixed my plate of scrambled eggs and pancakes but, eating was the last thing on my list right now. The house was flooded with all of my aunts and uncles and cousins. It was a bit too overwhelming. I washed my breakfast down with huge gulps of water, just in case, I didn’t want to pass out from bouts of hunger later in the day. When I finished, Mom hurried me back to my room where mu friends and the stylist were waiting. As soon as I stepped inside I was swept in hug from Kara, my bestfriend and my bridesmaid for tonight. It’s been exact 5 years since that incredible first date with Adrian. We were getting married today and nothing was helping me soothe my nerves. The fact that I hadn’t seen Adrian in 2 days didn’t help either.
Soon they got working on my make-up and hair. We were done after a couple of hours. There was a knock at the door and Mom peeked in,“Are you done, baby girl? Your Dad and I will like to speak to you for a moment.” I nodded and my friends excused themselves from the room. My parents stepped in, closing the door behind them. They both had tears in their eyes as they looked me over. “Look Bethany, our baby girl’s all grown up!” Dad said looking all proud as he stepped forward to hug me. Mom laughed,“Yeah, seems like just yesterday when she ran through the house, chasing Adrian for pulling her pigtails.” “Mom!” I whined. They both laughed and Dad spoke up, “Okay, okay. No whining anymore baby girl. You look beautiful. Adrian will be swooning as soon as he lays his eyes on you, I bet!” He held out a beautiful wooden box towards me, on it was engraved ‘Thomas’ in the most beautiful handwriting. I looked up at him and he urged me to open it. I gasped at what was inside. Tears pricked at my eyes. It was the most beautiful necklace I’d ever seen. Silver with diamonds. “Dad, this is beautiful!” I cried. “It’s a heirloom. It belonged to my great grand mother. Now, I’m passing it to my beautiful daughter whom I hope will keep up the tradition by passing it down to her children.” I ran over to him and hugged him and mom. “Thank you. I promise I’ll keep it safe and cherish it all my life.”

As I climbed out of the car outside the church, I felt sick with jitters. I willed myself to calm down but the butterflies in my stomach had other plans. I took a few deep breaths and composed myself before taking Dad’s hand and walking inside. As soon as I saw Adrian, all those jitters disappeared, replaced by warm bubbling happiness. He looked hot as ever in that tux of his. I couldn’t help the stupid grin that spread on my lips and he returned it with one of his own. I walked down the aisle with Dad and kissed his cheek as we reached the altar. He handed me to Adrian and went to sit on the pew with Mom and Adrian’s parents.

The Vicar started the ceremony. We exchanged rings and it was Adrian’s turn to exchange vows as he said the words I’d been dying to hear,“I, Adrian Wyman, take you, Kyla Thomas, to be my lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better and for worse, for richer and for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us apart.” I smiled while repeating,” I, Kyla Thomas, take you, Adrian Wyman, to be my lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better and for worse, for richer and for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us apart.” I heard the Vicar saying,“I now pronouce you man and wife. You may now kiss the bride.” but Adrian was already kissing me with all of himself. Someone cleared their throat and Adrian pulled away smiling sheepishly and I blushed. We turned to see everyone clapping while our parents stood with tears in their eyes. This was perfect. All of it was. A perfect fairytale ending with no “What if’s”.

PS – This particular Blog post has been way special to me for a couple of Reasons. First, It Marks the First time a Guest Blogger has featured on my Blogs. So I want every readers to give all the credits to this young blogger who deserves every bit of it. So finally to reveal this Mystery Blogger, I’ll only say she has been the sweetest lass I’ve met on Twitter, Someone with Immense talent to go the Distance as a writer & A huge Chocoholic.. Tooba.
If anyone of You reading is on Twitter show her some love on @Chocoholic_213.


Valentines Day: Today was a Fairytale..

Nicole E.
13th February,
Orleans, Massachusetts.

I had traveled around the globe for an year now, following my heart break off-course. Been to Paris, London and now in the United states. I had met loads of people and still never managed to get over David. It was magical for how I fell in love with someone I had never met but reality was just around the corner as the magic ended to be just another tragedy of a story. Since then I stopped believing In the myth of True love, I was sure it never existed.

My name is Nicole, Im a German national currently in the states attending one of my closest friends wedding, He is an Indian getting married to an American. Its funny how with technology the world has become so small and yet its a huge place when your lonely and heart-broken. It was more than a year now since David and I broke up and I never dated since.
But there was someone who made me feel otherwise about my current views on love. Sam!

Sam was an Indian National working for an Multi-national American company in the states, It was a co-incidence how I had met him. And the co-incidence happened again in two different countries where I managed to bump into him, since then I had developed a liking to him. He was a rare gentleman in a world full of heart-breakers,  He knew to win hearts with his words, He always was poetic and that made me re-think on love all the time.

I was here in Orleans and he was in New Jersey on the eve of valentines day, Wasnt much of a distance for someone who travels a lot but then I guessed I was going to be all alone this valentines day. I knew he wanted to ask me out but I didnt think he would have, given all the pressure of work he had. He was a busy man for sure.
Somewhere In my heart I knew that I wanted him to be close, to lean on him and tell him that he was really special and maybe I was in love. But I was afraid, I didnt wanted to jeopardize a beautiful friendship for an elusive myth called love.

The dinner party after my friends wedding was in full swing even as it was nearing mid-night, everyone was enjoying. So I sat by a lone chair by the window gazing the night sky outside, lost in my thoughts of love, Sam & even David. A felt a tap on my shoulder and I turned around.
An elderly waiter asked me, Ma’am are you Ms.Nicole from Germany?”
“Yes, I am” I replied.
“Someone dropped this letter for you, asked me to deliver it personally to the right person.” He said and walked off.
I knew I was the right person as I was the only Nicole from Germany attending the wedding but that was the least of my concerns, I curiously opened the letter and started reading it.
Dear Nicky,
By the time you start reading this letter, It will be very close to clocking Midnight which also would mark the commencing of yet another Valentines day. I dont want to waste this one, I wanna make this count right from the first Minute. I have a surprise planned for you, walk out of the part alone, a black car is waiting for you.

Sam: The Fairytale

It took 2o minutes for the hired car to bring Nicky to Nauset beach where I was waiting for her. I saw the chauffeur hand her another of my hand written letter. She looked around and opened it..
I know you might be a little perplexed and curious at the same time but dont worry I’ve got this planned. I think it might be time to get your feet wet, walk towards the waves and let nature meet someone as beautiful.

She Smile and in that moment My heart skipped a beat as I looked at her from a Distance.

She started to walk towards the waves and I followed suit. She was a few steps ahead of me as I saw her stop and turn. She saw me heading in her direction with a bottle of wine and a couple of wine glasses and her broke into a heavenly smile. It was that sort of smile which could have pierced any man’s heart.
I walked straight into her arms and kissed her.

“So was this your surprise?” She asked with a smile.

“Oh Please! The night is pretty young and I havent started yet, Lets have a walk..” I said.

She smiled and took the wine bottle from my hand into her and very gently slid her hand in my empty one.

We walked for a couple of minutes parallel to the shore, till we arrive at the place where I had a red tent erected for our rendezvous. I could see the surprise in her eyes as I took the wine bottle from her hand. She was all smiles as I brought out two wooden chairs and tray filled with sandwiches from the tent. It was chicken sandwich to go down with the wine just the way she liked.

For the next few minutes we sat over looking the vast expanse of endless sea infront of us and the waves kissing the shore as we eat and drank in the cold of that night. Suddenly, I felt a hand touch Mines and a warmth passed through my body just like the waves that I was watching.
I held her hand In mines and gave it a squeeze as I heard myself asking her, “Would you like dance?”

“Oh dont tell me you got music too and that too out here” She said.

“Nope I dont But if you want to listen to any music Just listen to my heart tonight, It skips a beat every now and then. Thats pretty new for me”

And she Smiled, The last line seemed to have worked its magic on her.

I got up took her by my hand and pulled close to myself. I looked in her hazel blue eyes and held her tighter. In that moment as we danced to the music of the waves and the night wind blowing across us, I looked at her and I knew she was the one.
She was the one whose hand I wanted to hold for the rest of my life, She was the one whose smile was more precious to me than an wealth ever know, She was the one without whom the paradise would make no sense. I could control no longer my feelings and I confessed, “Nicky, I love you.”

Her eyes lit up and my ears heard her say,” I love you too sam, you are the one who held me right through. You are the only one I want.”

I saw a tear slip down her beautiful face, I pulled her closer and kissed those beautiful lips of her only this time she kissed me back and held me tighter. Our lips fought for supremacy over each others and we held each other on that moon light night. I ran my hands through the length of her body, embracing and caressing her. She didn’t protest and neither could I resist the my love and desire for her. I picked her up in my arms and walked into the tent.

That night, the desires of our mortal bodies took control over us. I felt like a sailor out to explore the unexplored and untraveled waters. The waves sounded rhythmic as they hit the shores and the wind felt cold no longer. Passion filled the air as I made love to her that night. Love making always gives you a feeling a divinity when its done with the one you want to love for the rest pf your life and that what I learnt in those dying moments of passion.

I looked down on her and even in those moments where she clasped for breath, she looked a picture of serenity as good as the nature herself. I kissed her again and again and again. “I love you” It was all that I managed to say and It was all that was needed as I enveloped her In my arms and closed my eyes.

Epilogue: Nicky’s Fairytale

We woke up in the early hours of the morning when it was still pretty dark outside and I was still enveloped in Sam’s arms. Our naked bodies brushed each others, I looked up at him and found his brown eyes staring back at me as his lips broke into a lovely smile. We kissed, holding and embracing each other for the next few minutes.

The entire night had been like a fairytale to me and yet I knew It was just the start of a lovely relationship albeit with a fear in my heart which I was about to voice.

“I hope this never ends between us Sam, I hope we go all the way”

And Just like a Prince from the fairytale, He said something that got etched in my memories for ever and ever.

“There is No beginning, There is No end.. There only is a world of True love.. There is always you and there shall always be me”

Sometimes for the best to happen to us we all have to go through our worst times and In those worst time we should never shut love out from our lives. When your are down and out In always say to your heart, “Nothing can get worst than this, Only the best Is to happen.”

Lastly, This Blog post is a Tribute to the Most romantic woman I know. I want to tell her to smile cause it has the power to change the world and Never Shut love from your life.

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